IVP RAPTOR is an automated regulatory platform that includes comprehensive support for filing OPERA, Form PF, Form 13-D/F/G, CPO-PQR, CTA-PR and AIFMD

Integrated Compliance Solution

IVP RAPTOR modules work seamlessly with each other to ensure zero duplication of effort for multiple regulatory filings and associated investor reporting.

Compliance Monitor

  • Manage all regulatory filings in a single dashboard
  • Consolidated view of your submitted, in-progress and upcoming filings
  • Automated data collection / questions roll forward
  • Seamless Integration with Accounting / Risk / DWH / Admin Systems
  • Single cohesive data management model

Regulatory Analytics

  • Summary analytics across core datasets e.g. positions, transactions, IR, counterparty exposure, financing and risk
  • Interactive detailed analytics featuring form / question level comparisons across multiple filings / quarters
  • Underlying drill-down data view for every final number