IVP RECON is a “best-in class” solution designed to address the most demanding and complex reconciliation needs facing Alternative Asset Managers.

IVP Recon is  an  advanced “Any to Any” data reconciliation tool that can reconcile multiple data sources like Positions Reconciliations, Cash Reconciliations, Trades Reconciliations, Trial Balance Reconciliations, P&L Reconciliations, NAV Reconciliations, Securities Reconciliations or any inter-systems reconciliation etc. Powered with end-to-end automated workflow managements, it lets you tag and assign exceptions automatically with robust audit and signoffs.

Our AI/ML based Suggestion Engine analyze patterns and intuitively learns “On-the-Go” thereby predicting 60% and above manual user actions. Setup entire recon from scratch within hours with AI/ML powered recon setups that suggest reconciliation mappings, keys and attributes automatically.


Position Reconciliation

Reconcile positions on a daily, weekly, monthly or on demand basis. Our unique “Bucketing Approach” with multilevel Keys support reconciles any asset classes the way it should. Our rich and wide experience of handling hundreds of file formats across systems, Prime Brokers, Custodians, and Admins let you onboard reconciliations within a week. Our Integrated communication module lets user send emails and reply from Break blotter itself. Intuitive & advanced excel like Break management allow users to customize their personal views

Position Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile Bank Statements, transactions and cash accounts balance with state-of-art Cash reconciliation. Leverage the power of Real-time Reconciliation that lets you track all your exceptions live as trades are booked or amended. Inbuilt Swift Support with multi-level approval and audit.

Reconcile Bank Statements, transactions and cash accounts balance with state-of-art Cash reconciliation

Efficient Month End Reconciliation

Streamline and optimize your monthly/quarterly Fund Accounting and NAV Reconciliation processes. Enjoy hassle free “Month-End Closing” process by spinning off Month End Reconciliation in parallel with daily normal recon runs.

Drive scalable efficiencies by avoiding duplicate user actions with single “As-of-Daily” & “As-of-Month End” exceptions view. Interlink your reconciliations to gain full traceability to root cause of breaks.

Recon As a Service

IVP “Digital First” Managed Services uses technologies to achieve economies of scale and scope to benefits our clients. Our cross-functional support team of business and operations analysts provides dedicated reconciliation & middle office operations services. Integrated platform with well-defined SLAs and KPIs helps control operating risk. Activity-based pricing with cost-effective modular solutions.

Recon As a Service