IVP Security & Reference Master is designed to centrally store and maintain information related to the securities and reference data in ANY portfolio.

$325 bn in AUM is supported on the IVP Security & Reference Master platform alongside 60 native asset classes and 100 entity types.

Regardless of the specific demands of each asset class for reference and securities data, IVP Security & Reference Master has been designed to support it natively.

For example, a Private Equity fund which requires reference data for the modeling of cash flow waterfalls or a hedge fund trading a custom OTC derivative that has multiple legs, or an ETF which needs multiple benchmarks can all be supported natively on the platform.

Using an intuitive landing dashboard, IVP Security & Reference Master gives clients a graphical overview of all reference data issues and security data statistics.

IVP Security & Reference Master can offer clients the ability to rapidly set up new securities and reference data via a unique “cloning” function. This means clients can increase their levels of productivity and reduce the scope for data errors.

Do more with market data

Source, cleanse and maintain deep historical time series of market data. Enable your risk and research teams by providing them access to market data through the excel add-in and APIs.

Be assured that your data is indeed the golden copy

IVP Security Master now comes with a built-in configurable reconciliation engine. This allows you to identify any mismatches in security and reference data between your golden copy and all downstream systems.

Manage loan data and credit events

Security Master now comes with an interface to Markit WSO for loans allowing you to:

  • Source facility and contract reference data, ratings, amortization schedules.
  • Receive, review and be alerted on loan events such as rollovers and pay-downs.

Universal modeler

  • Includes ability to model non-standard asset types (e.g. PE deals, Loan Pools etc.)
  • Ability to keep a full time-series on any reference data entity or custom attribute.

Pre-configured market data adaptors

  • Bloomberg, Reuters, MarkIT, IDC, Intex, WM Reuters, Factset, Delta One

Pre-integrated with leading vendor systems

  • Advent GENEVA, VPM, Eze Castle, Charles River, Risk Metrics, Portia, Beauchamp, AdvisorWare

Multiple Deployment Options

  • (Cloud-hosted, Enterprise, Managed Services)

Auto-mapped to highlight mandatory Regulatory reference data